• Users of health insurance place Sanitas, Mapfre and Segurcaixa Adeslas above the average in brand rating.
  • Among the "top five" companies, as recommended by users and clients in our study, the best-placed insurer is ASISA, while the one with the lowest recommendation rates is Mapfre.

BRAINTRUST, in the study carried out on users and non-users of health insurance within the framework of the Competition Observatory it has deployed in this branch of insurance, has analysed the notoriety and competitive positioning of companies through three indicators. The first of these, which refers to spontaneous brand recall at first mention (topof mind), is led by the insurance companies Segurcaixa Adeslas and Sanitas. In terms of suggested awareness, Sanitas leads the ranking among health insurance policyholders as well as among those interviewed who do not have insurance, while Segurcaixa Adeslas falls to fourth place behind Mapfre and Asisa. And finally, in the assessment of the brand image on the part of policyholders - clients and non-customers of the company - Sanitas is once again the company at the top of the ranking, with a score of 6.98 out of 10. Behind it, and also above the average score (6.45), are Sanitas, Mapfre and Segurcaixa Adeslas. Below the average are Asisa, DKV, Axa, Generali Seguros and Fiatc.

In summary, according to the data derived from this Observatory, Sanitas occupies the first places in the three rankings, although in spontaneous notoriety it falls to second place behind Adeslas when analysing the responses of those people who do not currently have health insurance.

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Another of the indicators analysed in the study is the Net Promoter Score (NPS), which in turn allows companies to compare themselves with each other. This index, used to measure the degree of recommendation of a company, is closely related to customer experience and is often used to calculate the growth potential of companies, given that a high NPS translates into a high capacity, on the one hand, for customer retention and, on the other, for recommendation by customers to people in their circles of contact, both of which are key levers for sustained growth.

BRAINTRUST in its study analyses through the NPS the valuation of companies by health insurance users. Interestingly, the result is disparate and different from the three previous rankings, since among the top 5 companies, the first position would be occupied by Asisa with a much higher NPS than its rivals, followed by DKV and Sanitas, and with Segurcaixa Adeslas and Mapfre occupying the last positions of the top 5. From the above, it can be seen that the notoriety and brand image projected by the companies to the market are not always related to the experience rating given to them by their own customers.

Photo by Hyttalo Souza on Unsplash