It allows to know and evaluate the performance and competitiveness of the company in terms of price, product, channels, marketing and delivered experience. It detects and alerts at the right time, when there are new developments and threats from the competition.

It values all the information available in the different areas of the organization related to the market, the competition and the client (market studies, sector studies, etc.).


The design methodology of the BRAINTRUST experience, provides as main objectives the following aspects:

  • Rapid experience design based on a structured lifecycle vs. channels scheme.
  • Immediate dissemination of what has been defined with a versatile tool.
  • Unfolding in successive scenarios, which allow the viability of the projects.
  • Modularity for the purpose of implementation by channel or lifecycle stage, both digital and analog.
  • Coexistence of traditional and digital models, as part of the progressive digital transformation.

At the highest level of evolution, aspire to completely design the digital transformation of firms, responding to what we want to generate in our customers.

Ittakes us from definition to implementation The path developed with this methodology allows us to work at a definition level, and quickly move to the stage of progressive implementation of the implemented, first with an MVP, and then with successive iterations of "sprints" that end up bringing to reality what we define as digital experience.

Ensures that the Digital Transformation responds to the desired experience. Allows to know and evaluate the actions to be implemented as part of the digital transformation according to the experience we want to generate among our customers, employees and partners.

It allows, in a modular way, to define the steps in the digital transformation. This methodology works in a matrix way, in the definition of the digital experience that we want to generate using two variables:

  • The Customer Life Cycle
  • Channels, analogue and digital, in a coordinated manner