We continue, of course, to take note of the profound changes that the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic continues to leave in our society. Changes that affect the way we produce, the way we work, the way we consume and even the way we relate to each other.

Although this is by no means a positive situation, on few occasions like this one we will be able to see how the interests of the main subjects we work on at BRAINTRUST are so closely united:

  • Firstly, the digital transformation, a direct heir to the need to turn the economy on its head so as not to bring production to a complete halt; a sacrifice that we will undoubtedly take advantage of once we overcome this situation, even if we do not experience a similar situation again for decades.
  • Secondly, the Customer Experience, which is also migrating towards fully digital satisfaction, where it is more important than ever to fine-tune to the limit our impact windows, which are infinitely more than would have been imagined just 15 years ago, but also with the scarcity of attention inherent to digital environments.
  • Last but not least, competitive intelligence, which has always been linked to aspects of technological surveillance and observation of the market's digital path, today requires more than ever the availability of specialised means and resources to avoid being left behind in this unsuspected race that we have had to deal with.

And it is about this, about means, resources and opportunities that this situation can generate that our infographic today is about. Partly because we consider that the friendliest portrayal of the pandemic is also an ethical obligation in these times: to see the glass as half full, and to help out in the midst of a scenario that is not at all flattering. As far as we are concerned, so be it.