The Alcobendas City Council will improve the telematic services it provides to internet users after analysing a study of residents' behaviour when using electronic procedures, as part of the policy of improving the public services it provides to citizens.

To this end, the City Council and the company Brain Trust signed a collaboration agreement this morning under which Brain Trust will create a pilot study to measure the user experience of a specific procedure, the electronic application for a census registration certificate. Last year, the City Council handled some 150,000 applications for this certificate in person, while there were only 1,605 online applications.

Alberto Abella, associate director of Brain Trust, emphasised that "we are specialists in customer experience and business engineering and now we want to transfer this approach from the private sector to the public sector". According to Abella, the time savings for citizens could be around 95%.

Following this study, the City Council will receive detailed information on the causes of the limited use of this electronic service, the main reasons and barriers that cause this low use and, most importantly, an action plan to improve it and make this procedure much more widely used. "This agreement is very interesting because it results in an improvement in the quality of the service and saves time for citizens, making their daily life easier in their relationship with the City Council, and also brings important benefits for the City Council", said the Mayor of Alcobendas, Ignacio García de Vinuesa.

Brain Trust Consulting is a company established in the industrial area of Alcobendas with 13 years of life. It has developed a methodology in the field of intelligent cities, Smart Cities, for the improvement of public services, adapting and improving service procedures and user experiences. "It is not only necessary to sensor the city, but also to understand the citizen and transfer their proposals to the public service," said Alberto Abella. Brain Trust CS has more than a hundred employees, of which about seventy work at the headquarters in Alcobendas. It is also present in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Mexico. Among its Spanish clients are BBVA, Mutua Madrileña, Endesa and Orange, and among its foreign clients there are even companies from the United States.