On the occasion of its 15th anniversary, BRAINTRUST held a special and different event at CaixaForum Madrid, which was attended by the staff of its headquarters in Spain along with some other people who have played a special part in the three decades of the project. The consultancy firm, with a differential and avant-garde approach, has already accumulated a background of more than a thousand projects carried out in 14 countries for large multinationals.

BRAINTRUST was founded in 2003 in Madrid by Juan Bosco de la Rocha, mainly focused on the Telco sector. A group of professionals, with experience in different sectors and a lot of enthusiasm, came together with the aim of helping companies to transform themselves by helping them to understand their competitive positioning and, above all, to understand what they want and what their customers think. In just a few years, it expanded internationally and diversified its activity until it now covers a wide variety of key sectors in any developed economy: telecommunications, banking, insurance, energy, utilities, tourism, automotive and retail.

Fifteen years after its birth, this multinational consultancy company has launched a corporate video commemorating the anniversary in which it reviews its business trajectory and its evolution over the years. The strength of belief, present in its claim, clearly expresses one of the BRAINTRUST pillars: to be what you believe in.

Su principal “expertise” es ayudar a mejorar la performance de las empresas a partir de comprender su posicionamiento competitivo, sus clientes y, sobre todo, el negocio, todo ello bajo el binomio innovación y experiencia. Su meta final, nos explica Juan Bosco de la Rocha, CEO de la firma “es lograr que los clientes alcancen y superen sus objetivos de ingresos».

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash