These are the letters of our alphabet, with which we build words following a sort of ordered chaos and random cultural inheritance in which we are able to understand each other, communicate, explain ourselves and create new realities or describe those we have already created.

Las letras nos sirven además para crear siglas y sigloides como forma de acortar nombres y expresiones que siempre siguen la misma secuencia de palabras. Y que a su vez pueden derivar en neologismos, conocidos con el nombre de acrónimo, cuando su pronunciación se estandariza hasta el punto de que acaba teniendo un significado intrínseco, como es el caso de «ovni».

In the business world, acronyms also fulfil a protocol function, insofar as they allow us to quickly refer to certain concepts in order to focus attention on the objectives of each company and campaign. Something that is also noticeable in the field of Customer Experience, which is one of the disciplines with the brightest future. With so much future, that the only way to survive in a more unstable and uncertain environment is going to be to redouble the efforts known and to be known in CX.

From BRAINTRUST, from a recent post on the blog of the specialised company Zendesk, we wanted to gather some of these voices and provide them in the form of an infographic, to offer our readers a visual and practical tool that allows them to identify on the fly some of the most common terms in the sector. This is the alphabet of Customer Experience.

Photo by Jessicah Hast on Unsplash
Elaboration: APP/EKMB/BTCS