Being customer-oriented is the mantra of all brands today: to understand their needs, to know if they are satisfied, to get them to recommend us.

This is the key to business success, as customers have "superpowers" and many options to choose from.

Para llegar a ser un campeón del «customer centric«  la lista de tareas es grande, sin embargo muchas veces lo importante es la actitud y la cultura de la organización, y esto se percibe en detalles del día a día.

Hoy os propongo hoy un sencillo «test de orientación al cliente» basado ennueve situaciones. En cada una debemos preguntarnos: ¿Está ocurriendo esto en mi organización?:

There they go...

  1. We listen to customer complaints and comments, but when it comes to acting on them there is no clear procedure.
  2. En caso de un cliente enfadado, al que le hemos fallado, es normal pensar «mi trabajo estaba bien hecho, ha sido otro departamento el que metió la pata» y quedarnos tranquilos.
  3. Products and services are distributed through the channels we know and are most convenient to manage, not necessarily those preferred by customers.
  4. The service or opening hours of the shops are more conditioned by the needs of the employees than by the preferences of the customers.
  5. Employees are not customers of the brand's products and services, they prefer those of competitors.
  6. Employees in contact with the customer (sales, customer service) are the lastto know about the "customer relationship improvement plans", they are not involved beforehand "lest they become vindictive...".
  7. Management's attitude to cases of service quality laxity is more oriented towards maintaining "internal peace" than towards providing good service.
  8. Management and managers are not used to dealing with clients, preferring reports that give them a "strategic view, without getting involved in individual cases".
  9. When asked the simple question ofwhy a customer should choose your brand over the competition, the answers we hear are not convincing.

Si en estas situaciones has visto retratada a tu organización  es que aún  queda camino para mejorar tu orientación al cliente. Si por el contrario te suenan extrañas ¡enhorabuena! … «el algodón no engaña».

But don't panic: many have managed to turn the tide through leadership, commitment and hard work. The first thing is to be clear about the things we need to change and take steps to change them.

How did you see yourself, are there any other points to add to the "cotton test"?