In today's world, customers are highly knowledgeable and empowered in relation tobrands. Moreover, the market offers a wide range of possibilities for those cases where the company does not live up to expectations. Services and products alone are not enough to create brand recognition or to gain a strong competitive advantage, which makes it necessary to differentiate through other means.


We are immersed in the era of digital transformation, where the key to commercial success lies in a good customer experience supported by technological innovations. A study conducted by American Express reveals that around 70% of its consumers have cancelled transactions and declined purchases due to a bad experience with the company.


At Brain Trust we believe that there are 5 essential reasons why it is essential to invest in customer experience:


  1. Loyalty - Brand promotion

With a Customer Experience management platform, companies can track and improve the Net Promoter Score (NPS), a standard indicator that measures customer loyalty by accurately establishing the percentage of people who promote or criticise the brand. Companies must ensure that the collection, management and analysis of NPS is implemented throughout the organisation, and that customer research is done from multiple touch points. It is also vitally important to benchmark one's own NPS against the industry standard in which we work. This will provide useful information that will be of vital importance in achieving growth in the number of promoters and achieving greater differentiation in the market.


  1. Multichannel

Consumers can visit a physical shop, get ideas about what to buy and then make comparisons with competitors or order the same product via the online platform. It is therefore essential to invest in omni-channel customer experience if we want to improve the quality of service. With a proper customer management system, we can collect feedback and provide experiences through multiple channels of interaction: mobile apps, email, phone support, social media, website, physical shop, etc. We must have an active presence wherever the customer is, in order to generate positive recall at all touchpoints.


  1. Behavioural segmentation

By collecting and analysing the data provided by customers, companies can find out what the behavioural profiles of their customers are and find potential market niches that are differentiating. This helps them to make smart investments in the medium and long term, avoiding spending money on actions that do not add value or make a difference in the market and do not meet the demands and expectations of the target customer.


  1. Culture

The entire organisational chart must be aligned with customer needs and expectations. This is why companies must invest in building a strong internal culture that places the customer at the heart of everything they do, with the aim of involving every employee - from an administrative assistant to an executive director. Only by involving all the company's staff can we deliver a well-defined customer experience, in line with their expectations, so that the customer's interaction with us results in the desired positive customer experience.


  1. Immediacy

Customer service intervals are decreasing, and not resolving an issue in time can be reason enough to lose a customer. Investing in a CRM software platform is a good option if you want to keep up, as it makes it possible to respond to negative feedback inreal time. Owners, shop managers, staff, etc., will be notified the moment a customer makes a criticism or brand reputation is compromised. This is a luxurious opportunity to turn their experience around and transform it into a positive one.